DSP-based crossover, streaming-enabled 32-bit preamplifier and ultra-performance, 8-channel DAC

Future of crossovers is digital

We believe in active crossovers as the future of quality audio. The vast advantage in flexibility unties the hands to the designer, allowing to focus on the acoustic side of the audio chain design, use speakers in wider range of frequencies and combine speakers which couldn't be used together with traditional passive crossovers. Maybe it's also time for your crossovers to leave the iron and copper age and enter the age of silicon.

Graphical user interface by MiniDSP lets you set the crossover comfortably from a computer connected over USB, while the computer is not needed for further operation. Advanced DSP features like custom biquads and FIR filters allow you to address room correction and other complex DSP operations.

Streaming capability with future-proof hardware

DAC8 DSP is equipped with Raspberry Pi running Volumio, a popular open-source network player. Volumio can take your music from USB, Network Storage, streaming services like Spotify, Tidal or Qobuz and act as a DLNA Player or Airplay receiver. Raspberry Pi is operated in slave mode, avoiding its internal jitter.

Exceptional analog performance

Analog topology by Okto Research employing high-speed fully-differential operational amplifiers results in exceptionally low harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Our approach to power supply design renders extremely clean analog output, free of undesirable RFI and with undetectable level of mains harmonics. Measurements below were taken with the Rohde & Schwarz UPV audio analyzer.

Designed and made in Prague

From CNC machining to PCB assembly, Okto Research products are built for you in the heart of Europe 


Analog performance

0.000056% / -125dB full-scale THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
0.00015% / -118dB full-scale THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)
125dBA dynamic range
0.000224% / -113dB THD+N @ 100mW into 32 Ohms headphone output


USB (asynchronous, UAC2.0 compliant, up to 192 kHz / 24-bit, ASIO support)
AES/EBU (up to 192 kHz)
SPDIF (up to 192 kHz)
Optical (up to 192kHz)


8x XLR balanced, 3.4V RMS differential (or per request up to 15V RMS)
Headphones (routed from channel 1 and 2)

DSP capabilities

MiniDSP NanoSHARC module with Analog Devices SHARC DSP
Low / High pass filters: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, up to 48dB/oct
Parametric equalizers: peak/shelf, 10 EQ bands per input/output
Custom biquads
Delay: up to 35ms per channel with 0.01ms increment
FIR filters: up to 3400 taps total and 2048 taps per channel
Delay: up to 35ms per channel with 0.01ms increment
Custom 2x8 matrix routing
96 kHz / 32-bit floating point internal processing

Additional features

Choice between 7 Sabre's internal FIR filters
Individual channel volume
Trigger output (pulse / continuous)
Configurable auto on / auto off
Full control with either pushable knob or remote
Remote control learning 
32-bit volume control
2x 2.42" OLED displays


450 mm x 240 mm x 55 mm
Weight: 4.5kg (10 lbs)


120VAC / 60Hz (American version) or 230VAC / 50Hz (European version)
Power rating: 15W


2 years


Our production capacity is currently limited and our lead time is 1 month. Units are delivered in a purchase order. Order your DAC8 DSP now to get it as soon as possible.

Apple Remote

Practical, reliable, beautiful. While DAC8 can learn commands from any remote, we recommend the original Apple Remote.

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